Sicily Wedding Planner

When you close your eyes and consider an ideal holiday many of you will dream of Italy!

Italy is a magical country full of long-standing traditions and a rich history. No place in the world encompasses such a vast cultural palette and every region has its unique colours, tastes, smells and breathtaking landscapes. When you talk of Sicily it is simply heaven on earth!
Located south of the Italian peninsula it’s the ideal location for an Italian wedding! Considering the weather it’s the Italian Florida, always summery. Sicily, kissed by the sun and surrounded by tiny islands jutting out of a deep blue sea, offers a variety of landscapes: seaside views, greenery, mountains and even volcanoes. The choice is yours! In Sicily you feel on perpetual holiday and it’s why so many couples choose this heaven on earth location to be the ideal place to celebrate the most beautiful day in their life. I’m your wedding planner Alessandra and I will make your dream wedding come true just as you’ve always dreamt it would be!
I will be in touch with you daily taking care of every detail, treating you exclusively and finding original solutions. I will guide you through the whole process of your wedding: from looking for the ideal location to booking all necessary services. Furthermore, we will coordinate and complement any pre-existing arrangements. The immeasurable love for my homeland Sicily was my starting point and the sparkling joy in the eyes of my satisfied couples always motivates me to do more and give the best I can! Over the years I have selected countless magical and exclusive locations for every size party: formal, semi-formal, religious or symbolic wedding.
My priority is dealing with documents, picking the best caterer, florist, photographer and make-up artist, combined with professionalism and offering the best prices. I'm always ready to satisfy your needs and will always respond to you with detailed correspondence. Together we will make the best choices. I’ve organized beach ceremonies at dusk for two, happily whispering sweet promises. I’ve planned receptions and rehearsals involving hundreds of guests in historic Palaces that seem to be suspended in time. Sicily is full of enchanted castles, medieval villages and wonderful Villas surrounded by beautiful gardens. Everything in Sicily has a history! Even the ancient stones inspires romantic sentiments.
I’ve adorned my brides with scented jasmine flowers , I’ve decorated with flowers and candles every small detail, I’ve planned many buffet dinner with fresh seafood and incredible Italian desserts and wedding cakes. My Must is always guarantee a memorable ceremony and warm reception, adding beauty ,flavour and flair. Every season is great for a wedding in Sicily.
Spring air with peach flowers and orange blossom of the sicilian’s orchards create a perfect backdrop for a warm wedding ceremony. Summer in Sicily starts early and in May or June the wedding couple can swim in the sea and enjoy having their wedding pictures on the shoreline. Fall is my favourite season because of the changing colours, yet the temperature is still warm enough for outdoor banquets and dances. Even December through February you can leave your heavy jacket at home and dress relatively light.

mission & vision

In my job I’ve always done everything possible to ensure that my bridal couple return home with fantastic lifelong memories.
Sometimes I get surprised when I see them come back to Sicily to celebrate their anniversary eating “Cannoli” and “Sicilian Cassate” wanting to re-live that magic moment once again. I‘ll never forget Rachel and Don, Georgia and David, Pippa and Tatsuo, Rachel and Tom, Zhou and Andrew, Gabrielle and Dylan, Stuart and Emma, Kristin, Fabiana, Katie, Jim, each couple different yet special and unique in their own way. One groom decides to wear a grey tailcoat, and another one sandals and white linen. The brides are always beautiful and enthusiastic. I remember all of them because as a wedding planner, I’ve made lots of new friends and shared so many unforgettable moments. I really recommend that you have your wedding in Sicily! You must not miss out on this experience!